8051 16 bit multiplication Program- Codes Explorer

8051 16 Bit Multiplication ALP 
  1. Start.
  2. Load the MSB’s of Data in two different registers.
  3. Load the LSB’s of Data in other two different registers.
  4. Successive multiplication is carried out.
  5. The product obtained in the registers.
  6. The output is stored in the registers.
  7. End.

For example if we are trying to multiply two 16 bit numbers as below.We have divided 16 bit numbers into two 8 bit numbers

Basically, we are multiplying FFFF & EF9D.
But in this program,   AB = FF
                                   CD = FF
                                   EF  = EF
                                   GH = 9D
After we execute the above Program, the result will be stored in R7-R6-R5-R4.

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