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 DC Motor Interfacing with 8051 Microcontroller

Fig 1 DC Motor

This Code is specially developed for ALS 8051 Evaluation Board.

DC motor basically converts direct current electrical energy into mechanical energy. They have a wide range of applications in bots and in other electronic devices. By interfacing DC motor to the microcontroller, we can do many things like controlling the direction of the motor, controlling the speed of the motor. This article describes you how to control the DC motor using AT89C51 controller.

In this article we will be just rotating DC Motor

DC Motor will be connected to any one of the Ports. In our case, we will be connecting it to PORT0. To be more specific P0^6 or P0^7.

In ALS 8051 Evaluation Board we can connect two DC Motors.

Let’s See the code Now…..


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