LCD Interfacing ARM LPC2148 Embedded C

LCD Interfacing-ARM LPC2148 

This Code is specially developed for LCD on ALS ARM LPC2148 Evaluation Board.
A 16*2 Alphanumeric display with backlight is provided on Evaluation Board.
  • Mode of Operation:- LCD is interfaced using 4 bit Mode.
  • Port Details:   P0.2 to P0.7  are used for LCD interfacing.
RS = 0 for sending Command to the LCD, controlled by port P0.2
RS = 1 for sending Data to the LCD, controlled by port P0.2
EN = 0 for disabling the LCD ,controlled by port P0.3
EN = 1 for enabling the LCD, controlled by port P0.3
D4 to D7 (P0.4 to P0.7) – data lines


Download the Code with HEX File:
 To Download the Code click on the link below:

 LCD Program Download

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