How to write Assembly programs in Keil 4 in 10 Steps

How to write ARM  Assembly programs in Keil 4 
in 10 Steps

Creating an Assembly project in Keil 
1. Open the Keil IDE by clicking on its icon on the desktop.
2. Choose New uVision Project from the Project menu.
   3.Create a new folder and Name it OurFirstProject. Type the  name ourFirstProject for the project and click Save. 

4.In the Data base tree, choose the vendor and then the chip you want to use and then click
OK. For example, if you want to use the LPC2148, click on the NXP(Founded by Philips)and then on the LPC2148  and then press OK

5.Click the No button to add the startup file to the project.

6. Make a new file by clicking on the New Icon (you can make a new file by pressing Ctrl+N or
choosing New from the File menu, as well.)

7.Press Ctrl+S to save the new file. (You can also save the file by choosing Save from the File 
8.Name the file as program.asm and save it in the OurFirstProject directory. 
9.Type the program in the file
10.Add the program.asm file to the project. To do so: 

a. Right click on Source Group 1 and choose Add Files to Group.

b. Then go to the OurFirstProject directory and choose Program.asm, press Add and
then Close.

Later Build, Compile and Excute the Program

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