Introduction of classes and objects in java.Program to take the input as student name,roll number and display in different class.

Hi guys in this article let’s learn about class.You might be thinking that you use class in every single program but don’t know what is class so let’s start.Hope you’ll enjoy it 🙂  Class is the core of Java.Each every single thing in java is referred as object and class. To understand the concept of […]


8051 itimer interrupt program to display value of 'Y' at P0 and 'n' at P2. Also generate square wave of 10 KHz at P2^0 with timer0 in interrupt mode.Using XTAL@22MHz

I have explained the calculations for the timer in my previous post.please have a look . CODE:


8051 timer Interrupt program to copy data from P0 to P1 ,while simultaneously generating square wave of time period 200 uS at P2^0 .

When it comes to interrupt programming , we have to consider some important registers. For this program the registers used are IE(interrupt enable),TCON(timer control),TMOD(timer mode).     In timer interrupt programming calculating the value to be loaded to the timer is very important. Here XTAL frequency i have considered is 11.0592 MHz.If you are using […]


C++ : Read array of 10 Integers and Display

Read array of 10 integers and displaying them. “Array is the limited storage(as size mentioned) with ordered series or arrangement of  same kind of data(int or float or char)” Example :Input is asked as : Enter the Array elements, Enter Values like 00,10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90 are stored in particular space of array. Example: – This represents that […]