C++ Program to Swap two numbers.

  “Swapping of integers is defined as the variables that are interchanged after swapping the variables,called as Swapping of integers” Example: If the input is given as a=5 and b=4 (before Swapping) The output will be as a=4 and b=5 (after Swapping).                 Input: a=20 and b=40, before swapping. Output: a=40 and b=20, after swapping. […]


Interfacing LCD with 8051 using Keil C – AT89C51

LCD Interfacing-8051 AT89C51xD2 Introduction: A 16*2 Alphanumeric display with backlight is provided on Evaluation Board. Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) is widely used electronic display module and having a wide range of applications such as calculators, laptops, mobile phones etc. LCD in ALS 8051 Evaluation Board is connected to Port P2. Before we initialise the LCD Let us understand […]


ARM Code: Find whether number is Prime or Not

ARM Assembly Code to find whether the given number is Prime or Not This code is tested in Keil uVision 4. Developed for ARM LPC2148 by Abhay Kagalkar  ARM Code :

Output Pic : Download Code:  To Download the Code click on the link below:


LCD Interfacing-ARM LPC2148 Embedded C

LCD Interfacing-ARM LPC2148  Introduction: This Code is specially developed for LCD on ALS ARM LPC2148 Evaluation Board. A 16*2 Alphanumeric display with backlight is provided on Evaluation Board. Mode of Operation:- LCD is interfaced using 4 bit Mode. Port Details:   P0.2 to P0.7  are used for LCD interfacing. RS = 0 for sending Command to […]