ARM Assembly code to find number of even numbers in an array

         Let's see how write a ARM assembly code to find number of even numbers in an array.

  1. Start
  2. Load the base address of array.
  3. Initialize a counter register to number of elements in array.
  4. Initialize a register(Rd) to zero to store number of even numbers.
  5. Load the value from array to a temporary register.
  6. AND the value in temporary register with 0x01.
    • If zero flag is set, increment to register Rd.
    • Else decrement the counter register and jump to step 5.
  7. Repeat steps 5-6 till counter value becomes zero
  8. Stop
Here is a example code to find number of even numbers in an array. Note: initialize the array at the end of program without fail, before execution.


      AREA program,CODE,READONLY
      MOV R0,#01          ; Storing 0x01 for AND operation
      LDR R1,=array       ; Storing base address of array
      MOV R2,#0X09        ; Initializing counter
lbl   AND R0,[R1],#4      ; 'AND'ing to check whether number is odd or even
      ADDEQ R3,R3,#O1     ; R3 register will have count of number of even numbers.
      SUBS R2,R2,#01
      BPL lbl
array DCD  0x11223344, 0x12345671, 0x002917343, 0x00000001, 0x62398746, 0xAB56E3CD, 0x0A761BC7, 0x623ABC46, 0xAB86E3BD, 0x0A761DE8,  

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