8051 C Code to Interface 7 segment - Common Anode

This code is a simple one . Here just a 7 seg display is attached to Port 0 of 8051 micro controller . The values can be calculated easily .
One unit of 7 seg display has 7 different leds as its segments and also a dot at the bottom left corner. Hence the 8 data lines are connected to P0 and the following values are passed to get the required number to be displayed on the display .

Common Cathode

Common Anode 

There are two types of 7 seg. common anode and common cathode,depending upon which one u buy the values change . Just change those values according to the above table.you can refer data sheet to understand the exact difference between them.


#include <reg51.h>
unsigned char array[]={0x40,0x79,0x24,0x30,0x19,0x12,0x02,0x02,0x78,0x00,0x18};  //common anode values
void main()
  unsigned char i;

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