8051 ALP to move block of data from internal to external memory location | 8051 Program

8051 ALP to move a block of data from internal memory to external memory
Below Code is Complied and Verified in Keil uVision 3.
The .asm file is given below after the code. For clarifications and suggestion comment in the comment section

; 8051 Assembly Code to Move a block
; of data from Internal to External RAM Location
; Programmer Name:Abhay Kagalkar

ORG 0000H
MOV R1,#05		;Counter
MOV R0,#30H		;Source
MOV DPTR,#2000H ;Destination
back:MOV A,@R0
	 MOVX @DPTR,A	;A->ext destn
	 INC R0			;Source increment
	 INC DPTR		;destination increment
	 DJNZ R1,back

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